Went to a really cool brewery in Bakersfield, CA

Temblor Brewing Company opened to the public September 7th, 2015 with a 600 gallon brewery producing our eight flagship beers; a pub featuring a delicious (and locally sourced where possible) menu; and a music and event space that elevates your expectations of your entertainment venues.

Temblor’s interior reflects the hip sensibilities of forward thinking design and use while also paying tribute to Bakersfield’s storied past. Founders Bricks from the original brewery in Kern County, circa 1912, have been salvaged and reclaimed into an installation on our east wall, where they pay tribute to our premier membership group, the Brick Founder Club.

The atmosphere was nice. The beer was just OK-the best part of the afternoon, Spicy Chicharrones.

Seasoned pork rinds cooked to order
+ served with sliced lemon & spicy Earthquake sauce
Delish!!! Bryan Graham...